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Additional electricity imports needed

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The current level of coal supply does not enable the engagement of all thermoblocks, and it is expected that in the next period it will be necessary to provide additional quantities of imported electricity, it was stated at the session of the Working Group for Monitoring Security of Energy and Energy Supply.

The session also discussed stocks and transport of additional quantities of fuel oil, as well as projections for March, when it comes to coal supply and electricity production in thermal power plants, and the need for a more detailed analysis of scenarios for the second quarter, when regular overhauls are expected.

The distribution system is stable, and minor interruptions occur due to planned works, and the transmission system also operates without major problems.

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The situation in the gas sector in Serbia was also discussed, and it was stated that the market is stable, because it is supplied from two directions.

At the session, a minute of silence was observed in honor of the recently deceased Aleksandar Kurćubić, Executive Director for Management and Market of EMS, who was a member of the Working Group, N1 reports.

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