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Azvirt delays works on major Serbian highway project

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Construction work on Serbia’s Ljig-Preljina highway, the Corridor 11 Project, is being delayed. The delay has been caused by complications involving the construction of the tunnel and bridge sections. The construction work is being carried out by the Azerbaijan contractor Azvirt, with local firms carrying out sub-contracting projects. The new route is expected to open around 40 days later than originally expected as a result.

Meanwhile the improving political relations between Serbia and its neighbour Kosovo are continuing. A clear sign of this is the plan to upgrade the bridge at Mitrovica, situated to the north of Kosovo capital Pristina. The bridge spans the Ibar River and was closed in 2011 following tensions between ethnic Serbians in the northern part of Mitrovica and the Kosovans in the south of the town. The bridge was reopened in 2014 and the upgrades are due to be finished in early 2017.

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