Balkan Stream is completed – Serbia and Hungary connected the pipes

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The public company Srbijagas and the Hungarian company FGSZ connected the gas pipeline Balkan Stream on the border with Hungary, through which Russian gas will reach Central Europe via Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia in the future.
From tomorrow, Hungary will lease capacities, and Serbia will become an important transit country for Central Europe.
Dusan Bajatovic, General Manager of Srbijagas, said that in this way the end of the long-term big job by which our country finally solved the issue of gas supply from another direction, and not only through Ukraine, was put.
“No one in Serbia will freeze anymore and the price of gas for households will not change from the fall either. The increase due to the price of oil, which is accompanied by the price of gas, will spill over to Srbijagas,” Bajatovic explained.
The first quantities of transit gas through our country for Central Europe will start on October 1, RTS reports.