The Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia has signed an agreement with UNDP on the energy efficiency of central government buildings

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The Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia and the UNDP have signed an agreement on the implementation of an energy efficiency project in central government buildings, according to which 28 buildings will be renovated in the next period, and energy consumption will be reduced by 30%.
Minister Zorana Mihajlovic stated at the signing of the contract that with the reduction of energy consumption, the emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced, which will be lower by almost 60,000 tons.
– The basic message and essence of work in the field of energy efficiency is the reduction of energy consumption and lower emissions of harmful gases, which directly gives a positive contribution to a healthier environment. We have passed the Law on Rational Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency, which is the first step towards achieving the national goal, ie to consume at least 20, 30 percent less energy. We now spend on average about 40 percent more than the average in EU countries, there is no reason to throw the work of one thermal power plant out the window every year – said Mihajlovic, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced.
She stressed that the 40 million euro project covered 28 of the 56 central government buildings. After the preparation of the technical documentation, the works should start in 2022, and everything should be completed by 2025.
Francine Pickup, UNDP Resident Representative in Serbia, said that the significance of the project is great not only for the government, but also for the citizens. She thanked the vice presidents for their cooperation and stated that it is necessary for it to continue in the future.
– The project will improve energy security, reduce the impact on the environment, and at the same time encourage the economic competitiveness of Serbia on the market – she said, eKapija reports.