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Breakthrough made in Serbia’s longest road tunnel - Serbia Business

Breakthrough made in Serbia’s longest road tunnel

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The company Koridori Srbije (“Corridors of Serbia”) announced on Wednesday that the breakthrough has been made in Manajle tunnel’s right tube.

The 1,804- tunnel, a part of Corridor 10’s southern leg in Serbia located on highway E75’s Caricina Dolina-Vladicin Han section.

Apart from being the longest road tunnel in Serbia, it also proved the most demanding to build.

Koridori Srbije said it invested great efforts, and thanks to the significant and constant support from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, “the problems encountered during the works have been successfully overcome.”

These problems came due to “extremely unfavorable hydrogeological conditions.”

Previously, in September 2016, the breakthrough was made in the tunnel’s left tube.

Koridori Srbije is the investor, with the Bulgarian company Consortium Alliance X contracted to carry out the project. the value of the works amounts to 36.25 million euros.

The tunnel will be equipped with modern telecommunications, traffic and signaling equipment, video surveillance, a radio communication system, SOS stations, rest areas for broken down vehicles, a fire detection system, a system for monitoring and detecting the level of toxic gases, and one for speed measurement.

The tunnel’s tubes will be interconnected with evacuation passages, meant for pedestrians and emergency vehicles.

The work on the tunnel is expected to be completed in late 2017, the company has announced.