Businessmen are also uncertainly waiting for the outcome of the crisis in Ukraine

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In the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, there will hardly be a winner in Serbia. The astronomical prices of energy, cereals, artificial fertilizers and the fear of a drastic increase in the price of food do not help anyone. The solution is not expected only from the state, but the eyes are also on the business elite.

On Friday, “Novosti” surveyed some of the largest companies in Serbia. Not everyone was in the mood to find out if they had an idea and knowledge to share with the state.

– Our company, from the very beginning, insists that we are open and accessible – they told us in “Delta Holding”. – We are ready to share all our knowledge and experience in order to make our community better. We have indeed repeated this position countless times. Unfortunately, years ago we were not able to share our knowledge with the state and talk.

The company “Matijevic” is not immune to the crisis either. Zoran Matijevic, who took over the management of the system, is satisfied with the communication between the economy and the state.

– We have very good cooperation, primarily through the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – says Zoran Matijevic. – New energy has been introduced. I am also involved in some associations. We can generate ideas through the chamber and keep everyone informed of what is happening. There are really a lot of initiatives. This is a very turbulent time now. The state has made some moves and we understand all that. The export of wheat, corn, flour and oil is prohibited. Fuel prices are limited. Probably everyone in that position would do that. Now we’ll see what happens. But we communicate all the time. We receive reports every day. Businessmen turn to the chamber every day and try to solve problems.

However, the honorary president of the Union of Employers, Nebojsa Atanackovic, explains that it is difficult to find a unique model and solution for so many different companies.

“It’s a million-dollar issue,” Atanackovic said. – There are 400,000 different businessmen. There are big, small, independent shops… Each of them has its own problem and its own solution. In a crisis like this, everyone adapts as best they can. Someone succeeds. There is no single conclusion. As we look at life individually and manage. We make ends meet. So do businessmen. This world confusion will certainly do damage to almost everyone. I don’t think anyone will be better than this. That is why it is not easy to offer a unique solution and recipe.

The key of capital investment

The NBS should continue to monitor the situation very carefully and implement a sophisticated monetary policy – believes Aleksandar Vlahovic, president of the Union of Economists. – At the moment, one goal is to suppress inflation, and the NBS funds for that are very limited, considering that it is imported inflation. As far as fiscal policy is concerned, I believe that now is the time to pursue austerity policy, without spending unnecessarily. It is not necessary to save on capital investments, but on current consumption in order to be able to intervene on the supply side. “Helicopter” money will not contribute to the stabilization of economic activity, on the contrary, these measures can be, even, counterproductive, to add a little more oil to the fire called inflation, Novosti writes.