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Home/News/Chinese likely to buy Serbian copper mine and smelter

Chinese likely to buy Serbian copper mine and smelter

A tender to sell the copper mining and smelting complex RTB Bor in eastern Serbia “will be announced in the next ten days.”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said this on July 5.

As he said, a Chinese company is interested buying this mining complex.

Vucic said this while visiting Chinese-owned HBIS Group Serbia steel mill (Zelezara) in the town of Smederevo, downstream from Belgrade on the Danube, to add he was confident that the Chinese showed interest because they recognized Serbia as a welcoming country and one of hard-working and industrious people.

Speaking about the importance of Zelezara for the city of Smederevo, he said that Serbia was “infinitely grateful to the Chinese friends who helped solve one of the biggest problems in the country.”

“After two years, this is a story about change, success and progress of Serbia, and we could not have done it without China’s support. Although there is a saying that there is no thing as brief as gratitude – with us it is permanent, because they saved 5,200 jobs,” Vucic said.

Source; B92