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Construction of factory of car parts commenced near Subotica

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In Mali Bajmok near Subotica, Norma Group has started preparing the land for construction of a factory of car parts, which will employ 150 workers and should be opened in the third quarter of this year.

The City of Subotica has taken on the obligation to provide complete infrastructure for the future factory of Norma Group prior to June 1. So far, plumbing and sewerage systems have been built and optical cable has been laid.

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The building site for construction of the first phase of plumbing and sewerage systems for 53 ha of industrial zone in Mali Bajmok was opened yesterday. Construction of roads and installation of a lighting system are underway, and Norma Group has already filed a request for merger with the free zone Subotica.

Simultaneously, preparations for commencement of production by another foreign investor – Dunkermotoren, at one of the halls in Subotica’s free zone are close to end. That company organizes a training for workers and equips the hall for commencement of production, which is expected in late February.

Finishing works on installations are in progress, while machines are expected to arrive in few days. A total of 40 people will get jobs in the first phase of operations and the management of the factory intends to increase that number later.

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In addition to Norma Group and Dunkermotoren, several other world-renowned companies have expressed interest in investing in Subotica and operating within the free zone. Last year, goods worth about 100 million euros entered that zone.


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