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U.S. company Johnson Control arrives in Kragujevac

The U.S. company Johnson Control, which holds 30% of global production of automobile interiors, should have a plant built in Korman field near Kragujevac as a partner of Fiat, the daily paper Politika reports in its today’s issue.

Citing a source close to Kragujevac’s authorities, that daily paper writes that the U.S. company plans to have a plant built in Korman field, which should supply Fiat Automobili Srbija with car seats.

According to Politika, Magneti Marelli is also coming to Korman field and it will have two units in Kragujevac and supply Fiat with car parts.

Other companies are also interested in cooperation with the company Fiat Automobili Srbija, primarily Yura from South Korea, which commenced the production of electric sets in Raca in mid-2010.

Infrastructure equipping of Korman field has been postponed due to a protest by local inhabitants who did not accept the state’s proposal for expropriation of land and cash compensation in amount of EUR 350 per are.

As Politika reports, construction of infrastructure in Korman field is planned to start in March.