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Construction of sports complex in Leskovac – Investment worth EUR 10m

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Heavy building machines are cleaning the terrain for days in three locations of once popular Leskovac’s picnic grounds Pasina Cesma (Pasha’s Fountain) where sports fields and hotels will be built soon.

The job on the tender has been won by three local construction companies, while investors are Salim Al Oreymi from Oman and Naser Al Ameri from United Arab Emirates who are visiting the building site one after another, accompanied by the representatives of their respective embassies.

– This is the first arrival of investors from the Union of six richest Arabian countries, so-called Gulf League in Serbia, and we are very proud that they have chosen Leskovac as the destination for their investment worth about EUR 10m. It will benefit both our city and Serbia significantly – said Sasa Pesic, the Head of the Cabinet of the Leskovac Mayor and a member of the City Council.

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Salim Alhapsi, the Arabian Gulf’s President of Sport, Youth and Media, told Beta agency that the future complex would be a popular destination for Arabian sportsmen, as well as for tourists.

– I am impressed with the selected destination and hospitality of Serbian people and Leskovac’s authorities. I will do everything that my position allows me to do to maximally promote the future complex in all six countries of the Gulf League – said Alhapsi who accompanied Mr. Oreymi during the tour of Pasina Cesma.

The first phase of works, which includes construction of a hotel for sportsmen with a restaurant, a football field with heaters, 12 mini courts for other sports, and an ethno park with artificial lake, will be finished in May 2011.

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According to the plan, the second phase will include the works on construction of a five-star hotel for rich tourists, an indoor sports hall, Olympic swimming pool, fire range, and horse farm, while the city will get Zoo with the most attractive wild animals as a gift.

– There were many people who did not believe in this, but now everybody can see that the story is very serious. Investors even invited Leskovac’s businessmen to Oman where a meeting will be organized with local businessmen, and we hope that this investment will be followed by many other investments from that part of the world – Pesic pointed out.

Al Oreymi also said that he expected the arrival of his colleagues.

– If everything ends without a problem, I believe that other investors from the Arabian Gulf will follow our footsteps – Al Oreymi told Beta.

According to him, during the first phase, 70 citizens of Leskovac will get jobs in the complex, and the same number of people will be employed in the second phase.

– Our investment will also benefit farmers in the vicinity of Leskovac because we will be exclusively buying food from this area. That is our wish, as well as the wish of local authorities – the investor from Oman explained.

According to Pesic, the sports complex will also be open for the citizens of Leskovac and people in neighboring places.

– I am certain it will be a real pearl, the most beautiful sports and tourist complex in Serbia, and that Pasina Cesma will be the place where sportsmen, tourists, and student excursions will love to come – Pesic concluded.

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