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Gorenje in Zajecar – Slovenians buy deserted units of Porcelan

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The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development has signed a pre-contract with Slovenian Gorenje on opening about EUR 20m worth of factory in Zajecar where 1,300 people should get jobs – daily paper Novosti learns.

Slovenians are going to buy the deserted units of Zajecar-based Porcelan. Production of plastic and metal components for Gorenje’s other factories will be organized in two of the productions halls, while the third hall will host a unit for manufacturing household appliances.

Gorenje will get incentives in amount of 6,000 to 10,000 euros for each newly employed worker.

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After renovation of the deserted units of Porcelan, the factory will be put in operation in spring 2011 when 400 people will get jobs in it. Within next three years, with the growth of production, employment in Gorenje’s Zajecar-based factory will be given to about 1,300 people.

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