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Continental Unveils Ambitious Investment Plan: Allocating a Minimum of 150 Million Euros and Creating 1,500 New Jobs.

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Just a year after the opening of Continental in Novi Sad, employing 1,900 workers, there are plans for a new investment by Continental of at least 150 million euros, along with the employment of an additional 1,500 workers, announced the Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić. The intention of Continental to further expand its operations and invest in Novi Sad was hinted at by Đurić’s announcement on this topic about a month ago. However, at that time, he did not specify the exact amount of the new investment or the number of new jobs, only mentioning that Continental had acquired additional land next to the already-built factory for future planned expansion.

Đurić, on his Instagram account, mentioned that our engineers from Continental’s research and development center in Novi Sad have developed an autonomous truck that operates without a driver and has a level four autonomy.

Our researchers are part of the international team of this global company that worked on the development of this solution. This innovation confirms that Novi Sad plays a key role in the future of the automotive industry. Novi Sad is constantly developing, employing new talents, and achieving technological innovations that will position us as leaders in this increasingly important sector, emphasized Đurić.

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