Decree on assistance to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs adopted

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Today, the Government of Serbia adopted the Decree on establishing the Investment Program “Recovery and Development”, which will provide assistance to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

“The implementation of this program, through support for new investments, will ensure the recovery and development of economic entities in the conditions during and after the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining employment, encouraging economic development on the principles of sustainable development and improving competitiveness through investments in digitalization and new technologies”, it is stated in the announcement after the session of the Government.

Business entities with less than 250 employees have the right to apply for money from this program, as well as economic entities with a medium market capitalization or “Mid Cap” with a minimum of 250 and less than 3,000 employees, also full-time, which are privately or cooperatively owned and which are registered with the Business Registers Agency and other relevant registers.

The money for the realization of the Program was provided from the credit line of the European Investment Bank and from the funds of the Development Fund of Serbia, Danas reports.