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Drought has Caused Serbia Damage of EUR 600 Million - Serbia Business

Drought has Caused Serbia Damage of EUR 600 Million

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Serbia’s damage to grains is estimated at EUR 600 million, Serbian Grain Association leader Vukoslav Savkovic told the Serbian National Television.

“Our research shows that to date the damage is about EUR 600 million. This is the sixth drought for the last 18 years, the worst affected by the lack of moisture are in the middle current of the Danube, which is on Serbian territory. Damage has been caused to corn, soy, sugar beet and sunflower, “Savkovic said, quoted by BGNES. According to him, the poor harvest will not affect the prices in the shops, because the shortage of grain is offset by imports from abroad.

This year is very unsuccessful for Serbian agriculture. Besides grain crops, huge damage has been done to the fruit harvest. In April, in the midst of blossoming, temperatures have fallen sharply and it snowed, resulting in problems for many regions of the country and farmers have remained without the harvest of plums, cherries, apricots, raspberries and blackberries. The most affected are the plums and raspberries, of which Serbia is in the first three exporters in the world.