Electric Power Industry of Serbia proposed the introduction of a strategic reserve in the electric power system of Serbia

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“Electric Power Industry of Serbia” proposed the introduction of a strategic reserve in the electric power system of Serbia.

As it exists in the case of oil, said Dragan Vlaisavljevic, executive director for electricity trade in PE EPS, at the expert forum on energy transition held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

He presented the possible directions of EPS development until 2050 and said that there is no strategic reserve in the electricity system now, and that there are strategic reserves in oil that the European Union is looking for. Speaking on the topic “Energy transition of EPS, respecting the development criteria and imposed restrictions”, he stated that EPS recently proposed to the relevant ministry that Serbia provide strategic reserves in the electricity system, as Germany has. He explained that, if these reserves do not exist, then there is a lack of energy in some circumstances when it is cold, dry weather without wind, or when the great heat in recent days in Serbia has reduced production from wind energy from 370 megawatts to 10 megawatts. He added that in such cases, when there are large oscillations in production, thermal power plants and strategic reserves are “inserted” in order to stabilize the situation and to overcome the problem.

– Then the question arises about Kolubara B, whether Serbia will dig coal after 2040 or not, and what you will do with TENT A1, A2 and A3 built in the seventies of the last century. These are all open questions – says Vlaisavljevic.

He presented one view of a possible energy transition, which includes the starting position of EPS, environmental and climate requirements and possible directions of development until 2050. Vlaisavljevic stated that among the restrictions on that road, a cross-border tax for CO2 emissions and the price of electricity for a guaranteed supply to households were imposed. He says that EPS should keep the volume of the market on commercial supply by 2050.

– To replace one megawatt hour of a thermal power plant with coal, you need six megawatts in the sun in the production of megawatt hours and three megawatts in the wind in Serbia – said Vlaisavljevic.

The executive director for energy trade in EPS stated that EPS is investing 650 million euros in the environment and is now reducing CO2 emissions, and that according to projections, 88 percent will be reduced in CO2, nitric oxide of 44 percent and powdery matter, 80 percent.

– EPS will meet the environmental criteria by 2050 by realizing these main projects at its largest thermal power plants – said Vlaisavljevic. – Every energy transition of the decarbonization type will have a great impact on the social aspect. Now, if someone shut down all thermal power plants and coal mines, that would be the loss of 17,000 jobs, and EPS now employs 20,600 people in the thermal sector and coal mines.

The president of the Association of Thermal Engineers, Milan Radovanovic, said that different opinions of experts have been heard regarding the topic of energy transition for half a year. He stated that the Association of Thermal Engineers will organize more tribunes in the next period, and that the plan is to organize an “Energy Day” in October as part of the Week of Sustainable Development, Mondo reports.