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EPS denies CINS’ accusations: Kostolac B will create cleaner environment

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In response to CINS’ article about EPS building new TPP Kostolacunit that will increase greenhouse gas emission, EPS claims that the construction of new TPP KostolacB3 unit is in accordance with all EU standards on environmental protection.

The construction of new TPP Kostolac B3 unit is in accordance with all EU standards on environmental protection, emphasizes EPS:

”Emission of pollutants into air, as the most important parameter are projected so as to meet the standards of EU Industrial Emissions Directive, even though this Directive has not yet been transposed into national legislation. Having in mind that the construction of new unit will provide for decommissioning of some of the older units of low efficiency and significantly poorer performances in terms of pollutants emission into different environmental media, it can be believed that TPP Kostolac B3 will actually have positive impact on the environment”, says EPS press release.

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EPS also adds that non-governmental organization CEKOR submitted to PE EPS the petition on resettlement of Drmno village, but that afterwards the legitimate representatives of the citizens informed EPS in an official letter that the signatures were misused and they did not want to be linked to CEKOR, since the signatures were collected for other purposes, and adds that electricity generation in total emission of particulate matter that affect the level of pollution in Serbia accounts for only 15 percent, which is far less than in other European countries.

Claiming that the authors of the article relied on the results of CEKOR survey and statements from the villagers who are members of that organization, PE EPS PR Sector believes that serious survey about the real situation on the field related to health and impact on health of Drmno villagers should be conducted, and adds that it is ready to support such a project.

PE EPS is fully committed to harmonizing the operation of its plants with the relevant environmental protection standards, and it follows all regulation in that sense, press release adds.

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