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Eurostat confirmed that Serbia has the highest economic growth in Europe

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Today, the Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali assessed that the excellent economic results achieved in our country have been confirmed once again, considering that according to the updated data of the statistical service Eurostat, Serbia is on the first position in terms of year-on-year growth of gross domestic product in the first quarter.
The Minister assessed that the first place with a growth rate of five percent is the result of efforts invested in the reform of public finances, but also the development of the economy.
“It is also the best answer for all those who doubted us and our strength that we would be number one. It often happens that we do not believe in ourselves, that we believe that everyone else is better than us, but look now. So, in the conditions of the biggest economic crisis ever, we are number one in Europe according to perhaps the most important indicator when it comes to the economy, and that is the growth rate of our GDP,” stated Mali.
Mali reminded that the citizens of Serbia did not lack in anything during the crisis caused by the corona virus.
“We even showed how tough our economy is, we started to produce masks and respirators, yeast, chloroquine. Much bigger economies, much more successful countries than us failed that exam, they did not succeed, but Serbia did,” he said.
Speaking about the plans for the next period, the Minister estimated that the growth rate of five percent gives us the right to be optimistic when it comes to the end of the year.
“We must not relax, we have several very important months ahead of us, in terms of opening new factories, opening new jobs, continuing work on large infrastructure projects. If we are smart, active, I think we will be rightfully at the end of the year the first in Europe in terms of growth rate, so not only in the first quarter but for the whole year, which would be historically, the greatest success of our country, especially given the crisis and our development in the past 30 years,” stated Mali.
The Minister also referred to the excellent result last year, when the growth rate was 6.2 percent, and reminded that a projected growth of 7.5 percent was planned for next year.
“The growth rate of 7.5 percent next year, which is predicted by the IMF, returns us to the safe and stable growth rates we had before the crisis. It is up to us to continue to grow, not only in the next year, but for three, four or five years. That is why the ‘Serbia 2025’ program is the most important for us,” said Mali.
He emphasized once again that in the next five years, Serbia will allocate 14 billion euros to continue the construction of infrastructure, ie road, railway, network sewerage, water supply for all households, as well as to continue investing in health and education, but also in housing for young people, Alo reports.

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