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Expensive fuel

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Prices of petroleum products in Serbia, growing almost daily, with a new specialty variety of prices, and that the pumps of the same company.
Thus, the NIS petrol pumps BMB 95 costs from 124.50 to 127.50 dinars. Evropremijum BMB 95 from 131.50 to 134.90 dinars per liter. Diesel D2 goes from 117.50 to 129.40, and has Eurodiesel price range of 129.50 up to 134 dinars. The difference in price is the highest in the “gas from 60.90 to 65 dinars. New prices on Thursday have appeared overnight and the ECO pumps. In New Belgrade unleaded 95 is the dinar rose 125.90 to 127.40, evropremijum BMB 95 with 133.90 to 135.40. To emerge from the 98 octane unleaded reached a price of 144.90 dinars. Rose and diesel D2 from 119.90 to 121.90 dinars. Two CSD is more expensive and Eurodiesel (134.90) and the price just kept TNG 64.90 dinars. Somewhat higher prices are reached and the pump OMV. Unleaded was 127.40, 120.90 and D2 Eurodiesel 134.90. In Lukoil premium 95 ranged from 119.40 to 125.90. Evropremijum has cost 95 129.50 134.90, and diesel D2 116.90 120.90 dinars. walk from the pump to pump drivers will significantly save on Eurodiesel who is with Lukoil on Thursday had a price range from 128.90 to 132.90 dinars. Most are worth it look because the price of LPG gas in this company’s varied from 63.50 to 67.50 dinars per liter.


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