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FCD: Population in Serbia among the poorest in Europe

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Almost seven percent of the population of Serbia lives in absolute poverty, and almost one third is at risk of poverty and social exclusion, the Center for Democracy (FCD) Foundation announced on the occasion of February 20, the World Day of Social Justice.

“The population in Serbia is among the poorest in Europe, economic and social inequalities in the country are becoming more pronounced, and allocations for social assistance are decreasing from year to year,” warns the FCD and reports the union “Independence”.

They assessed that the data on poverty of the most endangered social groups are especially worrying: the population in rural areas, the unemployed and members of the Roma population, because of all Roma settlements in Serbia, 38% are not connected to water and more than 70% do not have sewerage.

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In addition, Serbia does not have an appropriate legal and strategic framework that would reduce the problem of poverty, the foundation estimated.

The union also quotes the statement of the director general of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, that the international community must not miss the chance to shape the recovery from kovid-19 so that it will enable as many economic people and people as possible greater economic and social rights.

The crisis caused by the pandemic has worsened inequalities, the first man of the ILO pointed out on the occasion of the day of social justice.

“The worst affected are those who were at a disadvantage before the pandemic, young people, women, workers in the informal sector and migrant workers, small businesses. But none of that is inevitable and it depends on the choices we make, “Ryder said, pointing out that the choice of the creator of the pandemic recovery policy will determine the direction of change, Bizlife writes.

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