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First unit refurbished in Hydro Power Plant Djerdap 1, EPS environmental projects

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Mr.Bosko Buha, Production Manager in EPS says that the modernization of other five units will be done every year within plans.

Buha noticed also that the russian partner cooperating on the hydro power plant works is late with delivery of working circle, but expects the solution of that delay very shortly.

Total value of modernization of HP “Đerdap I” is168 million dollars, out of which 100,5 million is provided from old clearing debt of former Soviet Union toward former Yugoslavia, and complete modernization and refurbishment of the hydro power plant should be finished by  2015. .

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Mr.Buha also noted that the revitalization of unit A2 u HP “Bajina Bašta” is also in accordance with plans and it should be operation starting from august.

“In this year we cancelled the second phase of revitalization of power plant (TE) ‘Kostolac B2’, due to the lack of financial assets and this work will be completed 2012  2012”, stated Buha. He also stated that other overhauls planned for this year will be completed.

Mr. Buha informed also that withing the scope of environmental projects, ongoing are projects for retrofits of electrostatic precipitators on power plant TE “NikolaTesla B” and ash handling system reconstruction project.


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