For now, there is no increase in interest rates in 2022 in Serbia

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The Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Jorgovanka Tabaković stated today that there will be no increase in interest rates on euro-indexed loans in Serbia because, as she says, the European Central Bank (ECB), whose decisions affect our market, says it will not raise interest rates.
Tabaković said that the Bank of England had raised interest rates, but that the US Federal Reserve (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB) did not intend to do so yet.
“The ECB is reducing its asset purchase programs and for now what they are communicating publicly, they say there will be no increase in interest rates, because they, like us, take care that we must keep interest rates to stimulate growth and consumption,” said Tabaković for TV Prva.
Whether and how, she says, the circumstances will lead to a change in the ECB’s decisions remains to be seen.
“For now, there is no real fear that interest rates on euro-indexed loans will increase in 2022, because a large number of banks that are here in our country borrow money from parent companies from abroad, so we depend on those ECD decisions,” Tabaković pointed out.
The governor emphasized that the country’s credit rating is also important in this situation, and that it is of great importance when credit rating agencies tell us that Serbia has maintained its credit rating and improved its investment prospects.
“For the citizens, that means that they have the certainty that Serbia is on the right path, and that means that the retention of interest rates for a year will remain or increase almost insignificantly,” Tabaković said, Dnevnik reports.