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The real estate market in Serbia expects higher prices

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In 2019, the growth of real estate prices did not exceed 10 percent, and at the beginning of the pandemic 2020, it is rare that the jump was less than 10 percent.
The growth of prices per square meter continued in 2021, but with a slightly lower intensity, while in 2022 a further increase in the price of houses and apartments is expected, according to the analysis of the real estate market in Serbia conducted by a team of a portal specializing in real estate.
The report, which shows current real estate prices in 2021 compared to prices at the end of 2020, points out that, if nothing significant happens in terms of inflation, price growth could be around 10 percent next year, with an increase expected in locations that have seen less growth in previous years.
Real estate prices have continued to rise this year as well, however, that growth has slowed, especially in larger cities where the price of renting dropped, Igor Manjenčić said.
The analysis of the real estate market shows that in 2022, the share of credit buyers in relation to cash could increase, which, as it is noted, can prolong the high demand for real estate and affect the continuation of the rising price trend.
In the last year, there has been a significant increase in real estate prices in locations that have not been so attractive so far. In this regard, the relocation of the center of events from the city center to Belgrade on the water is noticeable, the price of which (especially renting) will increase as the construction of the entire settlement comes to an end,” explained Manjenčić.
Namely, as stated in the report, Belgrade is showing signs of “cooling” after a growth of 16.72 percent in 2020, and the question is whether it will exceed 10 percent next year, because there are locations whose price simply cannot grow anymore, Moj Kvadrat reports.

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