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Free trade CEFTA deal “rare regional success” - Serbia Business

Free trade CEFTA deal “rare regional success”

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The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) is a rare successful regional initiative with tangible results over the past ten or so years.

Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications and Deputy PM Rasim Ljajic said this on Monday in Belgrade during a conference marking the trade deal’s tenth anniversary.

The CEFTA countries are Serbia’s second largest foreign trade partner – second only to the EU – and Serbia now has a 2.1 billion euro surplus with them, he said.

Ljajic stressed that cooperation with the organization “means a lot to Serbia, considering that our country is exporting more to CEFTA members than it does to Russia, China, and the United States combined.”

Serbia’s exports to Macedonia are double that of what the country sells to the United States, he mentioned as an example.

The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Michael Davenport, wished a successful CEFTA chairmanship to Serbia in 2017, and stressed the country will have the support of “all CEFTa members,” the Serbian government said on its website.