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Free trade zone of Fiat Automobili Srbija remains in Korman field – Agreement reached with landowners

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The free trade zone of Fiat Automobili Srbija, in which the main collaborators should have their plants built in 2011, will remain in Korman field after all.

Competent republic and city authorities have succeeded to form an area of about 35 ha out of planned 67 ha in Korman field, daily paper Danas reports.

That area will be used to form a part of the zone where about ten factories of Italian companies will be built by the end of the next year.

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The state has more than 30 ha of land in Korman field in its possession. The republic and city authorities have recently managed to reach an agreement with landowners on procurement of another 5 ha of land in that zone.

According to unofficial information, the landowners who have agreed to sell their lots will be paid 1,000 euros per are.


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