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Impol Seval to invest EUR 15 million in new coloring line – Commencement of production in 2012

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Sevojno-based copper mill Impol Seval is going to invest 15 million euros in 2011 in a new coloring line – Impol Seval CEO Ninko Tesic said and explained it was the biggest investment in the new investment program worth 27 million euros commenced in 2010.

– We are going to sign an agreement on construction of that line immediately after the New Year. The plan is that installation of equipment starts in September 2011 and lasts until mid-2012 when our new products – colored tape and colored sheet metal – will be launched and offered to the market. Their quality will be among the highest in the world – Tesic announced.

– The business plan for the next year envisages production of 63,000 tons of products and higher value of export – said Tesic.

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Tesic pointed out that Impol Seval had produced 62,000 tons products and exported about 100 million euros worth of goods in 2010, thus setting the record for both largest production and export in 35-year-long history of the plant.


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