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Further investments and the quality of life of the citizens are the priority of the Serbian Oil Industry

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This year, NIS plans to realize investments worth 210 million euros, and will continue to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens in the communities in which it operates.
According to the document “NIS in 2022” published on the website of that company, most of the funds will be invested in the field of oil and gas exploration and production.
“The main focus will be on the most promising projects in Serbia, as well as on the development of assets in foreign concessions,” NIS states.
The key project is the third phase of the modernization of the Pancevo Oil Refinery, ie the continuation of activities related to the reconstruction of the catalytic cracking plant (FCC) and the construction of a plant for the production of ETBE (high-octane gasoline components).
The focuses in that refinery will be the growth of processing volume, production of biofuels and realization of projects for increasing energy efficiency.
NIS also announces the continuation of the modernization of the retail network in Serbia, and in addition to modern gas stations, it will offer consumers the most modern services in the field of transport.
The elaboration of the functionality of the Drive application is especially emphasized. Through which NIS, the first in Serbia, enabled payment for fuel without going to the payment point.
In the field of energy, NIS emphasizes the planned commissioning of the thermal power plant in Pancevo, worth about 180 million euros, which will also contribute to the energy stability of Serbia.
After signing the strategic partnership for HIP Petrohemija, NIS plans to implement that agreement in 2022, which is a step into a new branch of business, where new development opportunities are seen, as well as new expertise.
NIS remains in the focus of projects for the improvement of environmental protection, in which about 120 million euros have been invested since 2009, as well as the digital transformation of the company, where about 120 projects and initiatives are in the portfolio.
In the field of contributing to the development of the community in 2022, the priorities in the field of socially responsible business will be the support of young people and the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Serbia.
It is stated that the focus is on the implementation of environmental projects worth 107.5 million euros in 12 partner communities in Serbia.
“By implementing the planned plans in 2022, NIS will, despite the challenging circumstances, ensure the further development of the company for the benefit of shareholders, employees and the wider community,” NIS said, RTV reports.

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