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Goods worth 8.5 million euros were imported from Serbia

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Kosovo customs spokesman Adriatik Staviljeci said today that Serbia exported products worth 8.5 million euros to the Kosovo market in 12 days after the abolition of taxes on Serbian products, while products worth 1.1 million euros were exported from Kosovo to Serbia.
Staviljeci told Radio Free Europe that compared to the same period in 2018, when neither 100% taxes nor reciprocity were in force, there was a drop in imports from Serbia.
“We are far from returning to the same parameters, because if we count 12 days from the abolition of reciprocity, we have over eight million euros, and if this trend continues, it means that for the whole month there can be imports from Serbia up to 16 million euros, while before application of the tax, monthly imports from Serbia reached the figure of 35 million euros,” said Staviljeci.
Almost two years ago, the temporary authorities in Pristina introduced a 100% tax on Serbian products, and after the abolition of the tax, the so-called measure of reciprocity.
The government in Pristina lifted reciprocity measures with Serbia on June 6th.
Prior to the introduction of customs duties in November 2018, Serbia was the largest exporter of products to Kosovo.
In a year, it exported goods worth about 450 million euros, Novosti reports.

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