By summering in Serbia, we protect our economy and state

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Today, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Marko Cadez, called on the citizens of Serbia to spend their summers in their country, because that is the best way to help hoteliers and caterers most affected by the crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic, and their economy and state.
As it was announced from PKS, Cadez, on the occasion of the beginning of the summer tourist season on Kopaonik, called on the media to influence the citizens to spend their summers in Serbia, and announced that he would also spend his vacation on that mountain.
“By deciding to spend the summer in Serbia, at least this year, we can save the jobs of these people,” said Cadez.
He said that he was “happy that the hotels are full and that people are interested in spending more holidays here than in previous years,” Danas reports.

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