Serbia will apply for assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund

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The Government of Serbia will submit an application to the European Commission for obtaining financial resources from the EU Solidarity Fund, on which it made a decision at today’s session.
As a country that is in the process of negotiations for membership in the European Union, Serbia used the opportunity to apply for support from the European Union Solidarity Fund, it is stated in the announcement from today’s session.
The working group formed by the Government prepared a comprehensive report in which it explained the course and dynamics of the health crisis due to the Covid – 19 epidemic and the measures taken to prevent it.
After the expiration of the deadline for all countries that applied for applications, which is June 24, the European Union will decide on the amount of non-refundable aid to Serbia, and after that a financial agreement will be signed and funds will be paid by the end of the year.
Today, the Government of Serbia adopted the Decree on systematic monitoring of the condition and quality of land, in order to create conditions for more efficient and faster implementation of the Law on Land Protection, especially in the part related to the implementation of land monitoring, RTV reports.