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Great opportunities for Serbia to cooperate with Kazakhstan in agribusiness

Everyone from Serbia who wants to do agribusiness can rely on the market of Kazakhstan, because the opportunities and resources are huge, said MP Dragomir J. Karic, after an online conference on investment opportunities in Kazakhstan in agriculture and IT sector.
The event was organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Serbia and the representative office of NK “Kazakh Invest” for Europe, and was attended by numerous Serbian companies and businessmen who recognized the huge potential in this, as members of the Kazakhstan-Serbian Business Council, the statement said.
“It is necessary to create joint companies. Political cooperation between Serbia and Kazakhstan is at a very high level, and this is an opportunity that we must use,” Karic said.
He also reminded that during his visit to the first president and founder of modern Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President Aleksandar Vucic got acquainted with the economic potentials of that country and gave full support in order for the two countries to use those resources in the best possible way.
“We must use the excellent investment climate that exists in both Kazakhstan and Serbia,” Karic stressed, adding that we should not forget that Kazakhstan is the founder of the Eurasian Economic Union with which Serbia signed a free trade agreement and thus opened a market of as much as 180 million people.
Dragomir J. Karic, a member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Kazakhstan, said that he and MP Milanka Karic, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan and President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Kazakhstan in the Assembly, are working intensively to deepen cooperation between the two countries.
He especially pointed out that Kazakhstan provides special support to foreign investors through various state mechanisms, and that they are now the most favorable in the field of agriculture and IT sector.
This was confirmed by the representative of NK “Kazakh invest” Ainur Tumisheva, adding that in agriculture it refers to the production and processing of meat and milk, raising greenhouses, growing fruits and vegetables, while in the field of high technology the emphasis is on participation in digitization or learning projects.
Dragomir J. Karic, together with Serbian participants, invited Kazakh businessmen to invest as much as possible in Serbia, which was supported by Kazakh Ambassador Gabit Sizdikbekov, who in his speech emphasized the importance of joint investments of companies from Serbia and Kazakhstan in both countries.
One of the most successful Serbian businessmen in agribusiness, Ivan Terzic, who grows six million vines, also actively participated in the online conference.
The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan, Jerkhat Iskaliev, a former student of Alpha BK University, praised the engagement of members of the Karic family and thanked them for everything they did to strengthen relations between Serbia and Kazakhstan in economic terms, RTV reports.