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Here’s how to get to a house in the village from state money

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The Government of Serbia is allocating non-refundable funds for the purchase of a rural house with a garden on the territory of the Republic of Serbia for 2022. In the Ministry of Village Care, they will announce a public call for citizens in the first quarter of 2022, according to this program.

500 million dinars will be set aside for the project, and about 500 houses will be allocated this year.

– The deadline for submitting applications runs, as in the previous year, from the day of announcing the public competition until the expenditure of budget funds provided for this purpose – they state in this institution.

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Grant criteria

There are also certain conditions that will have to be met in order to apply for a house in the countryside. The houses are primarily intended for single parents, spouses and extramarital partners, young farmers up to 45 years of age. The condition for participation in the public competition is that the applicants are of legal age, that they do not have real estate in their name or that they have not alienated it in the previous five years, that they are not related to the seller.

Also, a rural house with a garden, for the purchase of which the applicants are applying, must meet certain conditions, and that is to be conditional for life, that its total value does not exceed 1,200,000 dinars, that it is outside urban and suburban settlements, that resolved property-legal relations and the like.

– All conditions for applying and criteria for awarding non-refundable funds for the purchase of a rural house with a garden will be specified in detail in the public tender which will be published on the website of the Ministry of Rural Care and in national media – say the authorities.

How to get a house from the state

The applicant independently finds a country house with a garden for sale;

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After contacting the seller, the applicant fills in the “Application Form” and addresses the local self-government unit (LGU) on whose territory the facility is located;

The local self-government unit sends its expert to the field control, authorized to assess the market value of the selected house with a garden;

The buyer (applicant) and potential seller are present at the field control of the authorized person of the local self-government, who should agree with the valuation and state that in the statement which is an integral part of the obligatory documentation prescribed by this program and sent by the applicant;

The fulfillment of the conditions is determined by an authorized expert in the application form, which is an integral part of the tender documentation and contains a statement signed by the mayor or the mayor, Mondo reports.

The applicant sends the “Application Form” with the rest of the collected documentation to the address of the Ministry of Village Care, Kurir writes.

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