How postal services will develop in Serbia by 2025 – The government has adopted a new strategic document

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The Government of Serbia has adopted the Strategy for the Development of Postal Services for the period 2021-2025. years. This strategic document defines the general goal (mission), specific goals, as well as the principles on which their realization is based, through the implementation of measures.
The general goal of the development of postal services is to improve the satisfaction of postal service users with the development of the postal market and its integration into global postal networks, encouraging innovation, raising the quality of service and ensuring the sustainability of universal service.
In accordance with the general goal, five specific goals have been defined.
Specific goal 1 means ensuring the provision of accessible, reliable and efficient postal services in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with EU directives and recommendations of the Universal Postal Union.
Specific goal 2, as stated in the strategic document, is to ensure the availability and sustainability of the universal postal service in accordance with the needs of users and changes in the market.
Special goal 3 envisages encouraging the development of new postal services through synergy with ICT and transport infrastructure, with special emphasis on e-commerce, while special goal 4 implies the improvement of cross-border postal traffic and international cooperation.
Improving the safety and security of all participants in postal traffic and environmental protection and the development of human resources in the postal industry is envisaged by a special goal 5.