The municipality of Aleksinac in Serbia is preparing a new work zone for investors

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Not far from Zitkovac, on about 100 hectares, a new Work Zone “Zitkovac” should be formed and equipped, which will be offered to investors by the Municipality of Aleksinac. A public procurement is currently being announced, requesting a drafter of a detailed regulation plan for this area.

This space will primarily be intended for “work facilities” which include industry, manufacturing, storage and processing of various goods, other services that due to their activities can not be located in populated areas. It was especially emphasized that the plan should envisage grouping the construction of companies, which are technologically connected, into unique business complexes in order to achieve the easiest possible communication and mutual cooperation.

Better equipping of the land near Zitkovac should attract investors, and for the development of the plan, as it is written in the tender, the Municipality is ready to pay 27 thousand euros..

In addition to industrial plants, the construction of facilities intended for trade is also planned, and the preparation of the terrain should start after the plan is drafted and adopted by the Assembly, eKapija reports.