Serbia is investing another 380 million euros in HPP Djerdap

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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced today that the state will invest another 380 million euros in the revitalization of the HPP Djerdap system in the next 10 years, so that Djerdap could receive an additional 50 megawatts of electricity.

“The key issue for Serbia’s progress is the issue of energy supply and energy security of our country,” the president said after visiting the reconstructed shipyard at HPP Djerdap, which is extremely important for navigation on the Danube.

He pointed out that Serbia consumes more and more electricity, not only in winter but also in summer, as well as that the citizens are used to a much more comfortable life and do not think about whether we will have enough resources and electricity in the coming period.

“We will invest another 380 million euros in the revitalization of the HPP Djerdap system in the next 10 years, which is an important task for EPS. Djerdap must get another 50 megawatts for electricity production,” Vucic emphasized.

He added that as president, he will fight for more investments in energy infrastructure if there is disagreement with the government.

“The Danube passes through Serbia longer than through any other country. About 125 years ago, engineer Hugo Luther suggested that a plant for the production of electricity should be built here,” Vucic reminded and added that it was done after a delay.

The President said that there are three important aspects of the reconstructed ship’s locks: energy, economic and environmental.

He points out that the last works were done there back in 1970, as well as that at that time Djerdap was a symbol of power and a great Yugoslavia.

“We are building new roads here, from Kladovo to Donji Milanovac and to Glupac, as well as a fast road to Belgrade, then roads to Rtkovo and Brza Palanka, reconstructed the road Negotin – Zajecar… We do all this in the years when the Serbian state has economic strength again and power even when we believe that a large number of our people can return to their country,” stated Vucic.

He pointed out that the renewed and modernized international waterway was returned to Serbia, which is a project for the adaptation of the ship’s lock.

As he said, that engineering miracle serves to translate ships from the upper to the lower water and vice versa.

Thanks to the Europeans for that, Vucic said and specified that the value of the project is 28.5 million euros, of which they gave us 11 million euros, while we provided 17.5 million at the lowest interest rates and under the most favorable conditions.

Now, with new engineering solutions, delays and interruptions of navigation have been reduced, Vucic noted and pointed out that now the implementation of ships takes an hour and a half, while previously it took more than two hours.

Congestion and interruptions of navigation have also been reduced.

Vucic said that the project was done very precisely and quickly, and that along with the German company, two Serbian companies also participated, which did more than 60 percent of the work.

Vucic said that all those who do not think about the energy future of Serbia are not responsible and that he does not want to talk only about what the people like, and that now we must take care not to import electricity at high prices in the coming years.

“We should look at our children, not leave them an unbalanced Electric Power Industry, but expand our capacities and think about the future. Our needs for electricity and gas are growing by 10 to 30 percent a year, which also speaks of a sharp jump in standards. That is why I will fight for energy security and workers who produce electricity.”

The President emphasized that huge investments of the project on the Danube will follow, which will further develop the east of Serbia.

Vucic said that railway corridors would also be developed, and expressed hope that during the visit of the highest European officials, we would soon be able to sign an agreement on the construction of the Belgrade-Nis railway to the border with Macedonia.

Thanks to the construction of a high-speed railway on that route, it will be possible to get from Subotica to Skopje in just 4.5 hours, in just a few years, stated Vucic.

“Serbia, an economically strong Serbia, is being reborn from Djerdap, eastern Serbia. I wish you a good and peaceful journey. Long live Serbia,” Vucic said at the end of his speech, Nova reports.