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In Serbia, 27.5 percent of women work in management positions

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Belgrade – The analysis of the management boards of the largest Serbian companies shows that the average share of women in the highest positions is 27.25 percent, which makes our country one of the leaders in the region in the number of women in management positions.

This is shown by the results of the research of the Cotrugli Business School, which was conducted on a representative sample of the largest companies in eight countries in the region, including: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The number of women in positions in Croatia is 16.56 percent, in Bulgaria 16.95 percent, while in Romania the number is 17.55 percent.

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Also, analyzes show that 18.56 percent work in leading positions in Slovenia, 19.86 percent in BiH, and 20.77 percent in Montenegro.

Only Serbia shows better results than Serbia, which also has the best regional score, with 33.98 percent of women on the boards of directors of the largest Macedonian companies (ranked by market capitalization).

A large number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of gender equality and non-discrimination of women in various spheres of life and business, has contributed to increasing the number of women in the highest positions of leading Serbian companies.

The research shows that the management teams and boards of directors of leading Serbian companies ranked by market capitalization increase the presence of women.

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Women in European small, medium and large companies occupy 35 percent of the boards of directors, and data from the European Institute for Gender Equality list France as the country with the highest percentage of women on boards of directors – as much as 45 percent, the statement said, RTV writes.

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