The Green Agenda is a new model of growth, important for greater energy security in Serbia

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Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said today that Serbia’s goal is to be efficient in reforms in the energy sector, to connect with all neighbors and to contribute to greater energy security in the region by improving its energy security.

“Together, we will work to make the entire region more energy secure, and to make everything we do, from regulations to projects, in line with the highest requirements when it comes to environmental protection.” The Green Agenda is a new model of growth and the measures we bring in the field of energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources should contribute to improving our energy security, “said Mihajlovic after a meeting with Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Artur Lorkowski and EU Delegation to Serbia Emanuele Joffre.

As she pointed out, nothing will be done overnight.

“It is important that all steps are implemented in a sustainable way, but in such a way as to ensure development in those areas that represent the future, so that we have more energy and green development,” said Mihajlović, the ministry announced.

She added that one of the important topics in cooperation with the Energy Community, in addition to continuing the implementation of adopted laws and directives adopted by the Energy Community, will be the continuation of reforms in the energy sector and further market opening, especially in the gas sector special working group with representatives of the Secretariat of the Energy Community and the EU Delegation to Serbia.

The director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community, Artur Lorkovski, said that Serbia had made great progress in energy reforms and opened chapters concerning energy and the green agenda.

Lorkowski also stressed the importance of continuing reforms aimed at opening markets, both in the electricity and gas sectors, where reforms have not been effective enough in the past.

He added that the Energy Community and the relevant Ministry of Serbia will work closely together to ensure that the citizens of Serbia have a sustainable energy future.

“Progress is possible through joint work under the auspices of the Energy Community-led process, strong regional cooperation and the implementation of the decarbonisation process in a way that is economically efficient and for the benefit of all citizens,” Lorkowski said.

The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Emanuele Joffre, reminded that Serbia opened cluster 4 last year – a green agenda and maintains coherence in negotiations with the European Union, adding that the negotiation process should contribute to further implementation of reforms in the energy sector. Serbia in the field of energy.

“We want to promote clean energy, raising standards in the field of energy and environmental protection, which should also contribute to better opportunities for economic development, for the benefit of the citizens of Serbia, which is the essence of the green agenda,” Joffre said. to cooperate closely with Serbia in the process of energy transition.

He also stated that the Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnection project, the construction of which was financially supported by the European Union, will contribute to regional connection and diversification of natural gas supply, Danas writes.

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