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Investors invited to bid for non-returnable funds

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The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and Serbian Investment and Promotion Agency (SIEPA) have announced a public invitation for granting non-returnable funds for investment for every newly created job.

This is the eleventh time that non-returnable funds have been granted.

So far, within this programme over 17,000 jobs have been created and direct investment exceeding €635 million raised.

The state secured over €47 million for 114 projects that have been launched.

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Each euro invested from the budget results in €13 in direct investment and there is a return of funds to the state through taxes and contributions paid by investors.

Investors may send applications from 14 June to 27 August. Instructions and the necessary documentation may be downloaded from the SIEPA website.

When it comes to investment in the production sector, incentives per each new job amount to €2,000–5,000, while incentives for investment in industrially devastated areas enveloped by the programme to revive old industrial centres (Nis, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar, Zajecar) amount to €4,000–10,000.

One-off funds for investment in the car, electronics and IT industries in areas enveloped by the programme to revive old industrial centres are from €5,000 to €10,000, while for investment in the services sector incentives stand at between €2,000 and €4,000 per each new employee.

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Apart from encouraging new jobs, the programme also aims at inspiring a transfer of knowledge and technologies, helping to synchronise regional development, reviving industrially devastated areas and areas of special interest as well as improving the development of the car, electronics and IT industries.

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