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Israeli Provision-ISR in Serbia

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SION NET doo Belgrade became the exclusive distributor of the Israeli company Provision-ISR, which specializes in the production of high-quality CCTV equipment and other security solutions.
Israel has experienced the threat of terrorism for decades and out of necessity had to improve in the field of internal security. Many Israeli security solutions manufacturers come from different specialties, including: emergency management, cyber security, intelligence, critical infrastructure protection, smart city systems, etc.
Provision-ISR manufactures different series of cameras, specially designed to help installers find the best solution for their customers. This manufacturer is able to meet the needs of any type of customer: from those looking for a professional CCTV line that can guarantee the best image quality, to those looking for the best price conditions, not forgetting those who have to deal with the requirements of ” special installations”, eKapija reports.
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