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Serbia, The price of gas will be increased by 11 percent

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The price of gas will be increased by 11 percent, it is regulated by today’s Regulation of the Government of Serbia, and it is a temporary measure to limit the price of gas and compensate for the difference in the price of natural gas purchased from imports or produced in Serbia in the event of a disruption in the natural gas market. 

That decision will affect end consumers so that the purchase price of this energy product will be increased up to that amount at most. 

The purpose of the Regulation is to eliminate the consequences of the gas price jump as a way of mitigating the consequences of the energy crisis in order to protect the economy and citizens who are directed to use it.

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The government also adopted the amended Decree on determining the program of financial support for agricultural producers of sunflowers in 2022, in order to preserve the stability of the producer’s income, Euronews reports.

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