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Italian Isopack plans to start production of insulation materials in Serbia

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Italian company Isopack announced the possibility of starting production of insulation materials in Serbia for the construction industry – it was said on Friday (July 2, 2010) at the presentation of that company in the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.

The Italian company already has a factory in Vranjska Banja spa resort where, as a partner within company Polaria, it produces foil for packing furniture, households appliances, electric devices, porcelain and other goods. As it was explained at the presentation, if the sales of its products for the construction sector are high, they will move a part of production from Italy to Serbia.

The presentation in the Chamber was also an opportunity for discussion about energy efficiency in buildings, as well as for presentation of Isopack’s new insulation material with the improved ecological performances and highly expressed thermal-insulation and acoustic characteristics.

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