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Construction of trade center-city market commenced in Apatin – Facility worth 5 million euros

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Construction of a trade center with a market commenced yesterday (July 1, 2010) in Apatin, and the foundation stone for this facility was laid by Prof. Dr. Slavica Đukić-Dejanović, the Chairman of the National Parliament of Serbia.

Once completed, this facility will have the surface of about 5,000 square meters and it will be worth about 5 million euros. The funds for its construction have been provided by Novi Sad-based building company Kovačević, while the land has been allotted by the municipality in return for 12% of everything built on that parcel.

Building company Kovačević and the city of Apatin have formed joint venture APC-Apatin Trade Center, which will be running the facility.

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– The first phase of works on about 1,800 square meters of useful surface will include construction of 53 outlets at the edges of the building, while 85 counters for sale of goods at the green market and 12 special counters for sale of meat and dairy products will be situated in the center of the facility. There should also be a cold storage plant and all accompanying premises for control of products that are sold in the facility, in compliance with the Law – said Kovačević CEO Ranko Kovačević.

The plan is that the facility be finished by the end of the year. Contractor is building company Kovačević, while the author of the project is Uroš Zorić from Novi Sad-based architectural bureau ARDI.

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