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Serbia’s brandy industry: Growing export success and future prospects

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Veljko Jovanović, advisor to the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS), announced today that Serbia’s brandy exports are steadily increasing, currently reaching around 25 million euros. Despite Serbia’s relatively short history in the brandy industry, Jovanović expressed satisfaction with the progress made in establishing brands and gaining recognition in international markets.

According to Jovanović, Serbia’s main brandy export destinations include Croatia, Germany, the USA, and the recently opened Canadian market. Additionally, neighboring countries with a similar drinking culture, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia, are becoming increasingly important markets for Serbian brandy.

With the recent Free Trade Agreement with China promising a zero tariff rate within the next decade, Jovanović sees significant potential for further export growth. However, he emphasized the importance of nurturing quality, continuity, and sufficient quantity of brandy production to maintain credibility in international markets.

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Serbia boasts approximately 1,000 registered brandy producers, with plum brandy being the most prominent. Jovanović highlighted the importance of quality planting materials for the industry’s success and stressed the need for producers to present themselves as credible partners in international markets.

Discussing regional distinctions in brandy production, Jovanović noted that each region of Serbia has its unique characteristics, offering opportunities for future branding initiatives.

Small producers, particularly focused on quality, require assistance to expand their operations. PKS is actively involved in helping them find markets, partners, and access to resources needed for growth, including planting materials, workforce, and processing technology. Jovanović emphasized the importance of closing the entire production chain to support the industry’s development.

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