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Italians plan to expand product portfolio in Kragujevac by organizing production of family and taxi cars

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Fiat will be manufacturing three new models in the Turin-Serbian company if the research by CEFTA and MAGREB shows that more than 30,000 family delivery automobiles can be sold on that territory – daily paper Novosti learns.

In that case, in addition to Fiat Idea and Lancia Musa models, Multipla minivan will also be produced in that Serbian-Turin company.

The results of the market analysis in the surrounding countries and Africa will be announced already at the beginning of autumn, and the first estimates show that the third new model in Kragujevac could have up to 70,000 buyers, only on this territory.

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Multipla is the most popular taxi vehicle in Italy. It is produced with six seats and has a spacious trunk. It is not a cheap automobile and it can be bought at the price of about EUR 14,000 only when on discount. If its production commences in Kragujevac and it becomes a domestic vehicle, the price may be reduced by EUR 2,000.

The officials of this Italian group announced that the production of two new models would commence in late 2011, in accordance with the strategic partnership agreement with Serbia. Novosti learns that these two new models will be manufactured in 240,000 copies, while 95% of the production will be exported. In addition to the two new models, punto will be manufactured in the joint venture in Kragujevac as long as there is a demand for 30,000 cars per year in the market. The markets of surrounding countries and northern Africa expressed big interest in that model last month, so that it is possible that four models will be produced in the automobile factory in Kragujevac already in 2012 and that the annual production will amount to about 300,000 cars at the end of that year. The minimum number of Punto and Multipla models that will be produced on annual basis will be 30,000.

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