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Konditor “Banini” recorded revenue growth in the last year

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Manufacturer of confectionery Banini from Kikinda recorded in the previous year revenue growth of 4.3 percent and operating income of the company amounted to 1.96 billion, was published in the updated prospectus Banini.

Operating profit amounted to 284.5 million dinars, or 28 percent more than in 2009. year, but due to very high financial and other expense net profit halved as compared to the previous year and amounted to 25 million dinars, according to brokerage house Synthesis Invest Group (SIG).

Long-term liabilities were slightly decreased compared to 2009. year, but remained high and amounted to the end of 2010. The 2.2 billion dinars, while current liabilities increased 85 percent to nearly three billion dinars, according SIG.

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Banini operates underthe control of the of “ Banini Trade, and the holding company for the past few years showed a very low liquidity and the current price is 29,900 dinars per paper . Market capitalization is 1.6 billion.


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