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Stimulation of Start-up Business

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Entrepreneurs and companies registered after 1 January 2010 can not get loans to start their own business in the amount of 500,000 up to 1.5 million dinars, a company of 500,000 to 5 million.

Loans approved by the National Agency for Regional Development, in cooperation with regional agencies, and the money was secured from the Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The right to use loans are entrepreneurs and companies registered after 1 January 2010. year, while the applicant was not the owner of a company or an entrepreneur and has not been lawfully convicted of crimes against the economy and property. For loans they can not compete persons employed in public enterprises and state institutions.

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Loans for beginners can be used for loan programs of primary agricultural production, trade, buy used equipment, purchase of passenger cars, loans to other persons, manufacturing and selling weapons and military equipment, organizing games of chance, lotteries and similar activities and the production and trade any product or activity, which, according to local regulations or international conventions and agreements, are considered prohibited.

As security loans can be used first mortgage on real estate or property or contractual liability. The interest rate is three percent per year, and the loan repayment period to five years with a grace period to one year.



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