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Krusevac-based Trayal plans production worth 50 million euros in 2011

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Trayal plans the production worth about 50 million euros in 2011, major share of which should be exported to the markets of England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as the countries of former Yugoslavia.

In 2010, Trayal registered 30 million euros worth of sales, launched several new products, paid all salaries to its employees and provided them with full medical insurance, Trayal CEO Hristo Krusarski pointed out today.

Starting this year, as Krusarski added, Trayal tires are available in the markets of Russia, Brazil, Syria and Egypt.

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Trayal, which was bought on tender by Bulgarian company Brikel EAD in 2006 for 12 million euros, has 2,400 employees.

The results of this year’s operations and plans for 2011 have been announced at the celebration occasioned by the company’s coming out of the crisis and the commencement of recovery.

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