Lithium is a great, unused, wealth of Serbia

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Serbia expects a lot from the lithium deposit, but it will not be able to have the effects of exploitation for at least a year, a year and a half, said President Aleksandar Vucic.
“It is not easy to change the ore rent, because it is not easy to make an agreement with the Russian NIS, nor with the Chinese, who entered into large investments and helped a lot because they took Bor and saved us. Counting on that ore rent, they bought Peka, that is, the Timok mine, from the Canadians. For us, the most important thing here is lithium, but if I told you that it was once given for free, and if we didn’t even have the beginning of exploitation today, I would jump out of my skin,” Vucic told Tanjug.
Serbia has 10% of the world’s lithium and that is a huge wealth, and a great potential that has not yet been used, said Vucic in Loznica, when asked whether Serbia can increase the amount of ore rent especially for lithium, having in mind that the participation of mining industry in GDP two to three percent.
He also notes that the extraction of lithium is complicated, but he said that we ask both the Chinese and Rio Tinto to start something, because we lost a lot of time, 12 to 15 years.
“Let’s start doing something, because the whole area will flourish,” Vucic pointed out and added that the mining industry is going up the fastest thanks to the fact that the Chinese bought Bor.
He pointed out that we used our oil, our own gas, because “the previous ones were just looking at their budget”.
That is why, he says, the decision was made not to export lithium freely, because it belongs to the Serbian people.
“When we build factories here, we will export in a controlled manner,” said Vucic, noting that these are electric bus and car factories that we could have had so far, Politika reports.