Serbia is the fastest growing economy in Europe

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In the first quarter of this year, Serbia is the fastest growing economy in Europe, said the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.
“We have received data for Ireland and Malta, we have been waiting for them. “Formally and officially, Serbia is the fastest growing economy in the whole of Europe in the first quarter, according to Eurostat,” Vucic said for TV Pancevo.
According to him, Ireland “grew” by 0.5 percent of GDP, and Malta by 1.2 percent in the first quarter.
“I am proud of that. No one in Serbia ever thought that it would be possible to do that,” said Vucic.
In the first quarter, Serbia recorded a growth of five percent of GDP.
The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated today that the number of guests in rural tourism increased by 40 percent in May, as well as the number of overnight stays by as much as 150 percent.
I am very happy about that, because these people will be able to invest additionally in those capacities, Vucic added as a guest on TV Pancevo.
“It shows that people are spreading interest in their country. Some say that we do not have the sea, so Switzerland, Austria and Hungary do not have it either. Austria has seven or eight times, and maybe 10 times higher income from tourism than Croatia, even though it has no sea,” Vucic noted.
He points out that Serbia can offer a lot and that is why domestic tourism will be encouraged even more through vouchers.
Serbia helped Italy in the fight against the coronavirus with a total of about 10 million euros, said today the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and pointed out that he was reprimanded for saying that there was no solidarity between EU countries, even though they talked about each other.
“I said what I had and then everyone attacked me. As you know the Latin proverb about Jupiter, which we translate differently: What befits God does not befit an ox. As a representative of a small country, I guess I didn’t have the right to notice the truth”, said Vucic on TV Pancevo.
We helped Italy a lot, Vucic emphasized, adding that the help was worth 8.1 million euros, but with 10 organized flights, that amounts to a total of about 10 million euros.
“It was a great help, it’s from a small country. “Someone will always say – who are you to play a player and criticize us, even though they also said that about each other, but it is best to criticize Serbia because we are not part of the EU.”
Vucic points out that it is important to him that Serbia copes well in the crisis, as well as that Serbia will additionally strengthen the health care system, because it is not known what awaits us in the future regarding the crown.
“And, as far as politics is concerned, there was and will be hypocrisy and double standards, even more than before. You have to get used to that,” Vucic added, RTV reports.

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