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Marelli Motori to start production in Serbia

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Minister of Trade and Services Slobodan Milosavljevic said yesterday that leading companies from northern Italy expressed interest in investing in Serbia at the meeting “Serbia – Ideal Business Partner in the Balkans”.

Milosavljevic told Tanjug news agency that business opportunities in the fields of agriculture, textiles, leather, footwear, car parts industry and renewable energy sources were examined and noted that northern Italy has a developed processing industry.

He said that representatives of the companies that already do business in Serbia as investors expressed positive experiences with the business environment in Serbia.

One of these companies is Zanesi, which produces together with Serbian pharmaceutical company Hemofarm the packaging for pharmaceutical products, as well as companies that made investments in the energy sector.

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Milosavljevic is scheduled to speak with the management of several companies, including the motors producer Marelli Motori, which is planning to start its production in Serbia by year’s end.

According to Milosavljevic, this is the right way to help Serbia recover its economy, by creating perspectives for new jobs and bringing investors who want to export to foreign markets their products made in Serbia.

We have free trade agreements with Russia and Belarus, both very attractive markets for Italian investors, explained the Minister.

Milosavljevic informed forum participants about Serbia’s achievements regarding economy and future prospects. He also told them about specific incentives for Italian investors interested in Fiat investments as well as other Italian businesses in Serbia.

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This was a good opportunity to improve the traditionally good and constantly growing economic relations between Serbia and Italy and to encourage potential investors interested in Serbia to invest here, said Milosavljevic.

(Government of Serbia)

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