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Modernization and development of „Carnex“ Company – meat industry plans investments over 10 mil EUR

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Besides many difficulties emerged because of the global economic crisis, „Carnex“ Meat Industry is successfully keeping the stability of its business and is planning to invest around 10 mil EUR in various development projects by the end of this year, which is about 5 times more than they invested in the last year.

The General Manager, Hugh McReynolds, announced that they were planning a growth in sales of 6,5% compared to the last year, and that the fifth of entire production would be exported to foreign markets, mostly to large buyers in former Yugoslavian Republics, in Russia and in Slovakia.

We have planned several large investments for promotion of production as well as for protection of the living environment, considering the requests and stringent international quality standards and ecological norms and in order to keep the leading position of the branch in this part of Europe. Special attention is given to the expansion of assortment according consumers’ demands, and recently we delivered to the market three more kinds of patties with new flavours. We’ve also begun working on the program based on the chicken meat „Pilino“, stated General Manager of „Carnex“, whose majority owner is „Ashmore“, investment fund from London.

According to McReynolds’ words, once they finish construction of the plant for refinement of waste waters in their main factory in Vrbas, „Carnex“ will no longer be on the list of pollutors of the Great Backa Channel – the waterway, known already for decades as „the black whole“ on the ecological map of Europe. The Company provided 1,75 mil EUR for that purpose, (inlcuding construction of the separator for fertilizers at the farms in Vrbas, Savino Village and Backo Dobro Polje), and this will make conditions for ISO 14000 standard which regulates ecological norsm in the entire technological process of the meat process production.

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We have already invested around 500.000 EUR in the construction and equipping of the separator at our farms. By doing that, we made a double effect – we decreased the pollution of the living environment to a minimum, and processed material is now used as a fertilizer for agricultural fields. In this way, we significantly decreased the use of mineral fertilizer, which is contributing to decreased pollution of plowed fields, stressed out Hugh McReynolds.

(Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP)

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